November 26th, 2007

guitar homo

so i assumed my jack-off upstairs neighbors were having some incredibly lame party saturday night because there was thumpy hard to distinguish because it was too loud and of poor quality music blaring and what sounded like one pair of hooves a- clompin haphazardly on the floor. it was very early-6pm -and although the music was very loud it didnt sound like there where a lot of people up there. anyone who has been in my house has heard the scary sounds like someone's trying to break in my door pounding of assholes stomping up their stairwell which runs past my hallway. being graceless dopey white boys they appear to also throw themselves down their staircase to exit, bodies bouncing off the stairs and my wall.

as i have equipment loud enough to overwhelm anyone's pussy sized music player or computer or tv i didnt think much of it save how annoying the relatively light duty stomping was- like being pecked to death slowly by a retarded gimpy hen with half a beak and narcolepsy. i thought- these losers are having a party all by themselves and there's only one of them home. as i moved around the apartment doing things i began to realize no one was really moving around and the thumping sounded like plastic paddles being pressed and they were listening to odd versions of the same songs over and over again with a cresendo of paddle pumping and thudy distortion going on as a finale. as i'm only about up to the first Nintendo as far as gaming is concerned but had seen the south park' guitar hero is gay 'episode it took me some time to figure out they were playing the fucking video game. fucktards. and the songs are mostly horrible 70s wank rock save a craptacular version of garbage which after you hear it obsessively against your will for 8 hours straight makes you hate any version of the fucking song.

the ipod ' djs' that have ruined dance clubbing was bad enough without the faux guitar playing. it's fucking enough already. you dont have the dedication to learn how to dj and are too cheap and disrespectful to buy your music thus rendering the real music makers unable to make a living and now you'll put in 10 hours with your butt buddy wailing away at a hunk of plastic to a goddamn video game when you could be learning an instrument. you and your whole emo spouting generation suck. ungrateful, untalented lazy automatons. and you dress like girls and not in the good way. i am so beyond mocking you because now i must admit i outright want to kill you . no one not even at gitmo should have to hear U2 this many times...

music is dead and it was killed by myspace in conjunction with napster/file sharing and the apple ipod .