November 15th, 2007

" no christmas cards to send/ daddy likes men"

linda stein ,who had a profound impact on american and, indeed, all of punk rock and new wave music ,was brutally murdered in her own nyc apartment. she managed the Ramones first off - who launched what we now call punk years before the english decided they invented it. in reality, they were only copying the ramones without an inkling about what they were really on about. she was instrumental in launching the careers of the Talking Heads, the pretenders and madonna and was a fixture on the early new york punk club scene. she was married to the head of Sire records- the label on which nearly every significant punk/new wave record of the late 70s to early 80s was put out on in this country. all this- as if wrangling the notoriously difficult ramones wasn't enough- should have assured her legendary status in the music community-but i've heard barely a peep about her vicious murder and nary a sound about her accomplishments in the industry that has, in retrospect, decided to finally show it's fawning love of a genre of music that was considered second rate and preformed by untalented retarded apes and fags at the time of it's initial release.

musicians certainly are to be credited for their talents however without effective management such artists ,who are not generally known for their economic skills nor ability to stay sober for 10 minutes, would never be heard. the ramones changed everything both here and in britian and it's only fairly recently they were given their due. we have linda stein in large part to thank and indeed Sire records provided a very very large part of the soundtrack to my youth. it's easy to overlook those in the background who have their finger on the pulse of the new just at that perfect moment and are able to gather and present those forces for a wide audience to enjoy and an entire generation to mold themselves upon.without the linda steins there would be no ramones .