November 2nd, 2007

mittens ♥ the Hilo

so the HiLo in JP is officially the best grocery in all of honkidom north because they had corn husks! and more than just 1 bag. i learned rather late from the son of artemis that it's really hard to find what are generally mexican food staples around here- mostly due to the over abundance of central and south americans as opposed to mexicans. he managed to snag the only 2 bags in lawrence and i was thrilled to find the HiLo come through once again with flying green, white and red colors. and they had the right type of cheese...

if you want to come to the day of the dead at my house you are now certain to get old skool tamales. this is tomorrow night-whenever( and i stay up very very very late...). we're going to watch movies. were going to have a huge altar. we're going to have food and drink. you'll get to see semi- feral cats pretend theyre still feral while they vogue for you and a psycho black cat in the thrawl of kitty krazies and if youre good you'll be escorted into the Hall of the Himalayan and you may get to touch her super soft fur.