September 9th, 2007

operation pussy snatch: revealed!

i responded to one of the few non-whack job ads on craigspsycholist4sociopaths for a black cat up for gassing at a pound. her photo had been up on and off for a week and i noticed her right after sylvia died. she had the most lovely orange eyes and was all black so i thought it was the gothy thing to do, unlike playing faithless at a fucking olde skool goth night, Mothballs, and i asked to adopt her.

when i emailed my info i eventually got back a cryptic response that appeared to detail a backwoods, covert operation for picking the cat up. it was basically-" alright, she's yours! now, put on this blindfold, spin around 180 degrees and take 30 steps forward." they didn't give me the address nor the town nor even the name of the pound. it was just a series of directions to east buttmunch RI involving ponds, back roads, ' crazy corners' and secret handshakes. i reconsidered for a moment- it all faintly smelled of white slave trade or a crack deal gone wrong and the One World Order- but decided she was too lovely to let go so, after not sleeping at all following a dismal night of dull souless gay disco crap, i threw a cup of coffee in my face and headed out to the ocean state.

dearest friends and acquiantences in rhode island- can i tell you you have a fine state? you drive better and are more polite on the road than the massholes and those roads are in pretty good shape and they were near empty-i breezed along after i left the pot hole, construction plagued , crowded cattle cart paths that pass for highways in the bay (of pigs) state. it was clean and frankly you just can't get quality 15 dollar pussy in massachusetts.

15 big ones- unbelievable ! and that's a 10 month old kitten who's tested, fixed and has her shots. it's over 100 around here. it's not that i mind paying. i know most shelters need the money but when places with massive endowments and equally massive vetting charges like the MSPCA act like the Gestapo when you want to adopt a cat and practically bitch slap the money out of you when theyre going to kill it anyway if no one takes it strikes me as completely wrong. i'd rather adopt from a private rescuer save for the very fact i know the more visible, coroprate places do kill. it's a sort of emotional bribary i feel compelled to accept in order to save lives. at 10 years old, the only thing that saved prissy long enough for me to adopt her was that she's a pure bred himalayan. if she was a plan old moggie, she'd have been considered unadoptable due to age and her relative aloofness in most places.

so the new Miss Thing was called ' Midnight' at the pound but that will undoubtably change. it's as if someone detonated a love bomb in the apartment- she's the most affectionate cat i've ever had. she's not so keen yet on the other cats and farah's about to faint with jealousy but she has settled in just fine with a minimum of hissy faces. she slept on the bed with brown and i right off.

her fur is soooo silky soft.

minky goodness......mmmmmm.