August 21st, 2007

Nymphicus hollandicus au jus

farah faucet minor wants to eat my cockatiels ,akmed and pearl.

she claims they look moist and succulent.

the birds were another one of my rescue the misfit abused pets ventures. someone actually stole them from their ex and begged me to take them so he wouldn't know she was the one who broke into his house and wisked them away. they were being abused. to this day i can't touch them, they were so traumatized . theyre completely bonded to one another and the male is freaky defensive of the female. there was pretty much even less chance of them bonding with me because theyre a pair then if there was only one.

they are messy birds. they are not particularly friendly . the do enjoy humans talking to them especially if you have a higher pitched voice. they can be loud at really annoying times and they are not scared of the cats. none of my other cats have ever so much as sniffed them. once pearl escaped from the cage and i couldn't find her for 12 hours. i was sure the cats had eaten her.then, i accidentally noticed her when i had given up looking. i dropped something on the floor, went to pick it up and there she was quitely sitting on the bottom shelf of a bookcase. she gourged one of my fingers, cutting it very deeply, when i was putting her back in the cage.

but now i have the feral twins and i dont think they have the sense or restraint of my older cats.( those beaks are fucking sharp which i think the other cats instinctively knew). i chase farah from their cage all day long. she's fixated on them. not a good sign.

so i am considering finding them a new home. im not about to dump them in a shelter or any such thing if i can't rehome them . craigslist seems filled with deranged sociopaths and self righteous PETA warriors( same thing i suppose) so if anyone would like some ill natured, unfriendly messy birds who are actually quite pretty and generally well behaved and not as screechy and neurotic as these types of birds can get-consider akmed and pearl. they lay eggs constantly though never seem to hatch young. they hate squirrels and are pretty effective burglar alarms- no one can go into the backyard without them screaming warning. they could be what's for dinner so sooner is better than later.