August 13th, 2007

the night of a 1000 and 1 pussy jokes

but, of course, this is what happens when you bring pictures of your new fluffy himalayan and show them off to girls goths.

but were they really goths? because this is what it sounded like when i walked in:

what's with the fucking rave music? what,it's hip with 12 years old jocks in europe so youre all over it? talk about pussy.... thankfully, you forgot your goddamn glow stix which i've heard can be used as anal probes so get to it...get in touch with your musical tastes.

it's really quite simple-i go to a goth/industrial club to primarily hear that sort of music. this wasn't even that serial murder/ skull fucking necrotechnodisco so popular with the dark and morbid set nowadays-this was fucking smiley face wearing , glow stix on strings twirling, bubblegum( not even 'hardcore') rave. pretty much the only evidence of voodoo was the conspicuous lack of mojo-like someone willed your dick off with a spell involving grave dirt and Lucozade NRG drink. i nearly said the word 'gurning' but you wouldn't know what that means without googling it because you haven't a clue about the type of music you're doing the un-funky pony to( i'd have said funky chicken but you're waving your limbs around too spastically for wings and you're clomping like old nag day at the meat rendering plant.)

you even had Bast in your presence and all for naught. thankfully ,because She is a Protector she saved me from your icky hippie germs because rave is just another way to say " summer of love".

"for your clothes, here's a pretty flower":