June 27th, 2007

another day, another vet emergency

i suppose i should be used to this now but i had to rush alice to the vet this morning.

that means every single one of my older cats has had some sort of serious 'incident' in the last year. this after near 20 years of perfect cat health.

she started acting funny a few days ago-but her nose was out of joint a tad due to the new cats who have been hovering closer and closer to me when i sleep which she hates because she sleeps with me. she's always been a picky eater who needs privacy and has always been the shy loner cat.she has been getting thinner and stiff jointed but i attributed this to age- she was born around 1991/2.

the last 2 days she stopped eating and seemed dazed. she was drinking and peeing and drank tuna juice for me but she looked vacant.i called this morning and they took me early. there's nothing apparently wrong with her from the general exam so i am waiting on the blood work. she had stool in her intestines so she was eating.they gave her fluids,pills to make her eat and i took her home.

maybe it's just time for her to go. i don't know. i've been so sad lately. losing persia was rough and with both harriot and sylvia being ill-uh i just can't stand seeing them hurt or suffering.i depend on them so much-because i've given up putting any faith and trust in fickle humans.

i hate the fucking summer.summer has never been good for me.