May 28th, 2007

feline vet junkies-the startling statistics

and now for something- completely the same: sylvia has had to be whisked off to the vet. this weekend/late night vet fix my girls have been harbouring the last year jumped the f'ing shark , oh, about the first time i had to bring brown in. feline trauma- apparently i just can't get enough. blah.

i suppose the truth of the matter is that they're all old and old for all of us means more goes wrong with our health. it's only recently that the ladies have had any health problems whatsoever. persia, brown, and sylvia had never been sick a day in their lives before all this kitty cat medical jonesing.

sylvia appears to have somehow got a gaping infected wound around one claw -a tear around a pad on one of her hind paws. i have no idea what happened or when. the only reason i noticed it was that she jumped up on the kitchen counter saturday, while i was standing there, and sat back, exposing her back paws. i noticed one toe seemed askew and puffy.i hadn't noticed any blood or limping or anything abnormal about her. it was clearly infected-angry and red. when i tried to clean it to get a good look at the damage-it was under and between the toes so not exactly noticable unless you were right on top of her- it appeared as if she had gotten her claw caught in something and had rather violently yanked it away. she could be arthritic-maybe she just can't detach those talons they way she used to. i could find nothing exposed and sharp around the house. she really wouldn't let me really clean it and try to get any pus out and it looked big enough for stiches so i was hoping to bring her in tuesday( figures monday/today is a holiday and all vet clinics nonemergency hospitals are closed) as she was not showing any signs of distress and was not feverish and was eating and drinking normally and not hobbling around. cats are very prone to abscesses and the resulting infections can even be deadly- and this is located on the litter scratching and stomping feet. so i freted and worried and thought about going to angell but i am truly loathe to set foot in there unless it's a dire situation. then i took a chance and called this Indian guy who has clinics in east cambridge and arlington because someone on line said he was prone to open his office if you called him last minute and that he was no frills but really good and caring.

so off we went in faithful HAL to dr. mohammad ( persia will be pleased)! he gave me an appointment for a mere 2 hours after i called and he answered his own phone. he was quite nice and so was his wife and they have an awesome resident cat in their office. he's going to have to sedate her because he'll have to do stitches and perhaps remove the claw. it was hard to leave her there but at least i know exactly what's wrong this time. i left feeling i could trust them and need not worry. his prices are very reasonable and he didn't even want a deposit-highly unusual with vets. angell practically turns you upside down from your heels and shakes every last dime out of your pockets before they'll even consider whether they'll even begin to treat your pet.

he's doing the surgery today and i should hear from him early tomorrow afternoon. sylvia was so good on the trip over- and she hates the car almost as much as her mom did. so give a thought to sylvia today. she's about the sweetest cat there is. ever since her mom died she's been sort of lying low- she had taken over a box in the livingroom and seemed to spend a lot of time in it. she's 16 or 17, afterall ,and cats in general do sleep a lot and the older ones sleep even more. she was a tad miffed at the new cats- but in that understated sylvia way-nothing truly ever seems to fluster her and if bothered in any manner she just calmly walks away from or around the perpetrator as if they're invisible. i do not think i have ever heard her growl.

i've been up all through the night- i have to try and sleep...