March 19th, 2007

in praise of tuxedo cats

as some of us have recently had their eye on a tuxedo cat, i thought i'd post this ancient picture from- oh, say 1987/88- of Co, who some of you knew ( and who passed on, aged over 20, last spring- ), and Isobel, who belonged to my roommate at the time. isobel died of kitty AIDS in 1989 . Co managed to never contract nor carry the disease( she was tested afterwards) and lived a very long life.

with persia gone i decided to go through my pictues and organize and preserve them-they were thrown in a box and i found a whole history of great pets, not so great relationships and proof that time goes speeding by. do yourself a favor and don't be ashamed of taking the dorky, cutsey kitty photos- i am so glad i have photos of the girls. i thought it would upset me to go through them but it made me feel better and optomistic about the PAST as boding well for the future. i wish i had more pics from the 80s but i managed to more than make up for it the past few years.

it also allowed me to figure out roughly how old my remaining cats are. sylvia was close in age to her mother-i believe she was born in the late 80s in fucking hollywood CA. this makes persia over 20, sylvia pushing 17, brown at about 16 and alice i am fairly sure- because she came to live with me as a new born kitten -at 15. i am just shocked at the fact that they are all technically senior cats. alice certainly still seems like a kitten, the baby. we're so blessed but i also realize they are for the most part considered of advanced years for cats. the thoughts of losing them is hard but that they've been with me so long is a source of great comfort. they're great cats. i've been very very lucky. who is it that said ' time spent with cats is never wasted.'? time spent with most humans is, that's for sure...

2 days before persia died i had a dream in which Co appeared. i had known for about a week that persia's time was near as she seemed different and slightly disconnected from us. in this dream Co was young and sleek like a 1 year old cat. she came "to get" a grey shadow of a cat whom i did not immediately recognize. then, when Persia died, i knew it was the fading Persia whom Co had come to bring home.

i was alone with a sick Isobel when she was about to die. she waited for the human she was most intimately bonded to to come home from work and she died in her arms 5 minutes after she walked through the door. what amazing creatures. in looking for cats to take in as of late i've been torn between adopting 100 of them just to save them and a towering rage at stupid, selfish humans who inflict such misery on animals through neglect, abandonement and abuse. when i think of all the beauty that cats have brought into my life-and how perseptive and sensitive and kind they are-sublime works of art they are. bastet as given us a divine source of wonder. i have never more understood why some cultures used to level the death penalty on any one who killed a cat.

" the name of the god that guards you is Cat"- spell 145 egyptian book of the dead.

"rhododendron is a nice flower"

maybe the greatest rock band of all time and bryan ferry is one of it's greatest most distinctive vocalists. it leaves you asking- why the fuck did jerri hall( the model on most roxy covers) leave him for crappy white blues jerk off mick jagger? this was recorded in the early 70s. these guys were so far ahead of their time it took everyone else over 10 years to catch up. and brian eno has had a profound influence on modern music from devo to elevator music . everyone from concrete blonde to siouxsie love roxy music and so should you. again, another phenominal group that never got their due in america until everyone else was trying to sound like they did back in the day( see ultravox and every other synthy prep boy band that the 80s dredged up). they wrote some of the most intelligent interesting pop songs and over 30 years later remain influential so much so there's barely anyone who can do an acceptable cover of them and get away with it-theyre that good and thus that much harder to cop.