November 5th, 2006


eye witness to the crime

at least hitler had the moxie to kill himself first. this prick thinks he's going to be ' re-elected' president of iraq instead of hung by the neck and hopefully thrown to the sewer rats for din din.

this is only the first trial- he hasn't even been tried for the gassing of the kurds or the eradication of the so called swap arabs. how ever did he gas kurds if he allegedly didn't have biological weapons of mass destruction?

because he fucking had them. and he used them. and after he used them, he sent doctors in with grids to measure the toxicity- how many bodies per square inch of land. the ultimate intent for all this uh ' economic development ''( with the help of russia, china and france, saddam was able to launder money from the ' oil for food program' and use this money fo military build up and the production of chemical and biological weapons. the money was only meant for food and medical supplies. the UN assisted in criminally subverting it's own program meant to punish iraq for it's weapons program while feeding the people he was allowing to starve and suffer without medical care while he built palaces and his sons watched porn and raped women) was to eventually destroy Israel.

over 250 mass graves have been found in iraq since the overthrow of snatchface. up to 400,000 humans- male, female, children- are estimated to be in these graves. 400,000.