February 2nd, 2006

lounge act

" i'll never get out of this world alive"

i had a dream about this name last night-
jean thomas. i've never heard of a jean thomas so i googled it and came up with this-


the photographs are fabulous and the fact that she made a life of recording with a camera and promoting american ' mountain music'( she started the american folk music festival which lasted from the early 1930s until her death in the early 70s.)fascinates me. now we're so obsessed with seeing images of people who create ' music' that it seems the image is the medium and the music is an after thought. here are people who were often not even recorded, who played out of their desire to do so and to entertain their family, friends, community.

what a novel idea.

and she recorded quilters and their lovely quilts too- you know' arts and crafts' not REAL ART like the sort made by city bred mostly male sociopaths who hated their mothers and somehow strike a chord with wealthy honky ART PATRONS who have nothing better to do with their money then throw it at useless objects to impress their friends with.

there's nothing wrong with usefulness. there's nothing wrong with expression the rises up from one's core and seeks air and the light of day and the sympathetic ear of someone who might understand or who might just need to here it, the it that's whatever ,from some other human said in a way, in a manner that just seems beautiful and true. there's nothing wrong with moving people not units for sale.

i am sick the fuck of goddamn commerce instead of art and music.

and there was never, by the way, a bigger goth than hank fucking williams.