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"you were there with your badge and rubber boots"
july 1st was debbie harry's birthday- she's 65. i simply refuse to believe it. the first 3 blondie albums would be just about the best of all of american punk rock/new wave . all three were made and released in the 1970s.

the original

debbie does donna:

on july 1, 1987 guitarist snakefinger( born philip charles lithman) died aged only 38 from a heart attack. he's mostly known through his association with the residents.

his cover of the kraftwerk hitsong:

every dance music cliche conveniently in one place. this is not a disco song:

i never liked 'heart of glass'. in fact, i really hated 'heart of glass'. and 'rapture' sucked too. nothing can touch blondie,plastic letters and parallel lines so i can forgive.