November 21st, 2005

vanitas vanitatum

renting out a womb to have a baby is fucking creepy especially when there's no reason why you cant have a child the old fashioned way. oh well the fact that you're male and a baby ain't going to be flying out one of your orifices anytime to so soon might be the issue.

it's hard to be happy for people you know at that ' special time' when it seems more like they're ordering hand -made luggage then having a miniature replica of themselves cast in someone else's flesh.

an here's a tip- you're gay and maybe no one noticed it when you were in school, MAYBE ,however if you order up a little robo-progeny of your own and you date the same sex- don't fucking name your test tube kid something that rhymes with the word queer. could we fucking think for one second about the torment poor ' mini-me' is going to suffer through 12 grades of school. at least spend as much time thinking of the feelings of your kid as you do on fucking window treatments .
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