November 10th, 2005


the white cat on the gray and white cat's grave


this was my carved pumpkin for the day of the dead otherwise known as the day you went out and drank a lot dressed like a pirate or wookie. i didn't get to finish it and bring it to scarymoany because i got a raft of trick or treaters-unusual in that in 7 years i've never gotten so many-one year i got 2 and that was the only time i got any- because i live attached to a bar and parents aren't too willing to bring their kids to anything near a BLACK BAR.

for some of us -and i know this is hard to believe amid the frivolity and chance to act out what you don't have the balls to do every day-this is a religious holy day. it's not that i mind seeing people dressed up. i love drag as much as the next ambiguous person raised by drag queens. it's just that you wouldn't be here if it wasn't for your ancestors . technically you should be at their grave sides drinking and eating dressed as pirates and wookies. but you're not. and that's why mexicans are goth-er then you'll ever be.

jose posada was a mexican artist at the turn of the century from whom i took the image.

a few days before halloween, i woke up dazed as usual for work. looking out the back window at the grave of maggie , who died this past summer, i saw the white cat from across the street, whom i have never seen in my yard, asleep, sprawled like the sphinix ,across the exact spot she is buried.

got to listen to animals more.