October 15th, 2005


"lean pristine transparency", cont.

11. the gay storm trooper : you ,'sieg heil', girl, you go! thrust out straight one moonbootie while throwing one of your paws straight in the air, although the hand stays, instead of erect, slightly limp at the wrist. (listen, don't trust that pig goering, that's all i'm saying...and further more,affecting the look of one of the red hot chili peppers crossed with being dressed for a body surfing outing is letting the rest of us in the master race down.)

12. the Peanuts around the xmas tree: you know the scene-instead of practicing for the christmas play the peanuts are' rocking' around the piano. this pretty much covers a panoply of idiosyncratic rhythm-less dances the honkie throws down to impress and hopefully snag a mate. i have mentioned that the caucasian race is experiencing negative population growth, haven't i?

13. the polka. oh yeah- thanks to chris for mentioning the polka. pretty much i think it's the polish version of the square dance only with no wife swapping involved. and the polka is a couples sort of dancing and this generally, in the feet of whitie, just can't be good. every time some goth decides to throw down the same fucking bobby darin song every fucking time the couples dancing remind me of the strained old-person-dancing-with-small-child-at-wedding ritual clod hopping.

personally i don't much like consciously dancing with another person and i don't really want to observe it unless it's an out of control tango by talented dancers, or fred and ginger or the greatest dance duo ever on the planet-The Nicholas Brothers ( rent 'Stormy Weather' with the luscious lena horn. i have never seen better dancers.ever.) no rhythm times two is dance floor disaster.it also leads to unsettling images of any attempted mating between the two. ewww.
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