September 24th, 2005


honkie- the other not so tasty white meat

" Other cannibals often compared human flesh with pork, though they insisted that it was more tasty; in Polynesia it was known as ' long pig'. Though the Maoris mainly ate warriors to absorb their strength, [Chief] Touai oddly maintained that he would rather eat women and children; if he ate a man, a black, preferably about 50 years old, was better than white. The missionaries may have overstated their own risk of ending up in the tribal stewpot, since colour prejudice in reverse was quite common among man-eaters. It existed among the Australian aborigines, as well as in Caledonia...where white men were considered too salty. In Australia, certain tribes developed a taste for Chinese flesh, as did the inhabitants of the Luisiade Archipelago...who ate up all but 4 out of a Chinese crew of 300 shipwrecked there in 1858" p.163 Human Sacrifice , Nigel Davies

well , you know that's been burning a hole in one of my notebooks....