August 27th, 2005

we're on the highway to hell

there's nothing quite like counting goddamn blocks of butter until 3 AM then driving an egg beater attached to a station wagon home.

why is it that when you hit somerville, it always smells like an oil derrick? why do emo kids litter the morning streets leading to cambridge? why dont cats scoop their own frigging litter?

what the fuck is up with route 128- you people are insane, ok? you drive like blind ampheads and that's when your not totally focused on your cell phone. in a state known for it's bad signage and poorly designed highways, populated with shitty masshole drivers, the on- quasi- cloverleaf- ramp to 128 south off of 93 is a fucking nightmare- what overpaid uncle of some asswipe politician engineered this gateway to Honkie SUV Deathrace 2000?

yield and merge, by the by, ARE NOT the same thing.but then again, i also thought youre suppose to pass on the left... but that's just being delusional on my part. i want to live. i dont want to kill other people( well, not on the highway, that is). i dont want to total my or their cars. i must be the exception. weave in and out going 90 mph to get one car length ahead and trapped behind the same set of construction vehicles as everyone else. asshole, if you want to go 90 mph, fine, but please do it in the far lane, ok. i mean im only in the right lane and attempting to exit-as unreasonable as that sounds. hitting the off ramp at 80 is slightly ill advised , especially behind a dump truck doing 20. it's only the fucking law after all. no sense following it- you have to get to that hairweave appointment. alapicia- so much to answer for.

i dont need a new car- i need an assault vehicle with a gun turret. i need more sleep.i need a maid. i need to learn how to get along with fucking white' family' people in their natural habitat- the suburbs.


well , i did see a hawk. he was the best thing yet out of this whole traumatic move.
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