August 17th, 2005

where were they going without ever knowing the way?

now i have completely lost my mind. it was bound to happen again. the straight jacket and four point restraints arent too far off in your future when you start dreaming about Hillery ' Rob'em' Clinton. and you are calling her, in an overly familiar way, " Hill".

fat assed liberal socialist lesbians and i never get along in general but i have an especially bad track record with those who are married to fat assed lying socialist rapists.

i know she wants moi, mr mittens, to be white house pastry chef when she's elected dictator but no fucking way. not unless she comes clean with what they did to First Cat Socks. we all know about Buddygate. poor Buddy- another hapless pawn in the clintonian march to obfuscation and PR puffery in service to greed. i am not making those pigs eclaires. uh uh.