August 3rd, 2005

i will kill you and i will do it with my soldering iron...

i just spent hours resoldering all the connections on the volume pots of one of my amps. i opened it up to blow the cat fur out of it (as cats LOVE the mechanical things) and was greeted with one of the worst soldering jobs i have ever fucking seen- cracked ,burnt wires, plastic sheaths welded into the solder - all around sloppy. and this was done by a rather expensive asshole who specializes in professional audio repair.

my dead fucking cat could solder better than this and would still be a lot better to look at.

i have bought a lot of equipment from this jerk off who has a goddamn attitude problem to go along with his shoddy work. normally i would have done the original repair myself but i just didnt have the time back then.

"replace the vol pots",i said, "theyre always scratchy no matter what i do."

"it's not the vol pots."

"well ,what is it then?- you turn the pot and it crackles- what the fuck else would it be?"

"i cleaned them myself when i sold it to you- it's not the vol pots."

"then MAKE THE CRACKLING STOP and while youre at it humor me and replace the pots."

" grumble grumble"

on inspection it's now clear that he probably didnt even replace the pots but simply rewired /resoldered them (blindfolded and with his toes) and plunked on 2 new knobs that always fall off because they dont fit the pots. and he was always wondering why people prefer to buy cheaper at guitar center and maybe get fucking service when they pay for it.

fuck audio pro in watertown...