July 26th, 2005


wouldn't the prom scene from 'carrie' be more apropos?

do not leave a trail of jello on me..ok. saturday was bad enough with barbie or malibu barbie or whoever the fuck she was grabbing my ass but i just spent an entire sunday doing laundry and mittens is in no fucking mood to go back. now i have to take my jacket to the dry cleaners. mittens does not have a maid. mittens is very bad with the housework.mittens is a goddamn time bomb. do not piss mittens off.

i came late. i wanted to avoid the jello wrestling- really. i know that's hard to believe but i dont want to see any of you wet let alone coated in jello. i dont want to be coated in jello. im sorry if this hurts any feelings but ,afterall , youre the undead dead, it's not like you have any feelings.couldnt have we have just lured a herd of emo kids in there with copies of that ghostbusters song from the 80s and than have just, i dunno, heaved them in a vat of petrol and torched it? that's fucking entertainment. entertain me. do not get jello on my suit. do not make me do extra chores. those cats run me ragged with the chores...scooping, heavy petting, spanking , can opening...i'm but one cat bitch and i cant be stretched any further.

the way i want to see females fight is say... boudica hacking the head off a roman soldier with a big fucking ax. that's sexy. if youre covered with blood because you hacked some rapist's dick off and then blew his head off with a large caliber handgun...please ,i beg you ,rub against me and i will worship you. the day female power is viewed as a real threat and not a goofy, tawdry joke the tables will have turned the wheel have spun back to where it belongs.

it's no joke , you know. the power that tosses you into the world a thousand a second can take you out at an even faster clip, in the space of a moment, in just one breath . under the arc of the sky, she grinds us into the earth, the useless dust she can animate with but a word.set upon by her beasts , dragged down in the depths of her sea, herself, struck by a bolt from the sky, sucked into a split in the earth .

all we seem to do on this earth is destroy. she obliterates .

until then, dont rub jello on me.
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