June 13th, 2005


itunes is a little fucked up. why oh why would you have " explicit" warnings all over kelis("milkshake"- this song dick slaps all that crappy gay house music you hear passed off as industrial around the goth club crawl. house music by whitey is not industrial-ok? the bass on this puppy is filthy hard.)and not one warning on gg allin? not one.then they have DAF up there having me all excited and they have nothing loaded...tease.

the goth section is truely interesting and why is the cure under " electronica"? isnt that for ,like, faggy ambient djs from europe and aphex twin? who manages their data base is what i want to know. theyre doing a piss poor job. you cant beat the ease of using their technology-it's summer and i dont have to leave the house to replace my worn out copy(copies actually- it was the bside of ' when doves cry "and impossible to get for years. i went through 4 copies. needle burn.) of princes " erotic city"- downloaded in 3 seconds.too bad they have hardly any music i want.although i give them a little credit for the french pop music- we all need a cover of "these boots were made for walking" sung by some french trollop.(if you must know-"ces bottes sont faites pour marcher")

they have les rita mitsouko listed but no songs- come on. marcia bailia is one of the great dance songs of the 80s. the no comprendo is a great album. "dit moi oui andy...."

the one gem i did find was actually kind of ambient and faggy-moodswings " state of independence pt.2" on which itunes has inexplicably attributed the vocals to an amanda vincent. who the fuck is amanda vincent?. it's chrissy hynde for fucks sake...her vocals make the whole song. sure ,after everyone in her band od'd and she joined peta her output sucked but what a voice- i still get chills when i hear 'tattoed love boys' .hard ass bitch.hard ass straight broads rule.

dont let me get started going over the horrid classical selection. every song in "the mikado" is listed as having the same title-ugh! we want the "lord high executioners song," bitch! go out and buy the whole opera for 99 cents at the goodwill.

manhole covers are exploding in my fair city.

defer! defer!.....and the 8 ball honkey is back-too bad manhole covers dont have programmable aim...
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