June 12th, 2005


Schism!! Papist Pussy Plus Pals Take Over Avignon in Papal Coup


Pope P-Mo I is showered with bras and panties by an adoring crowd of heretical, hysterical frenchmen as she takes her Triumphal Drive- By after declaring Herself Pope.

all encyclicals and rulings on Faith will now be delivered in Ebonics and Farsi. all priests will be made eunichs (that is all, those who arent already so) and all nuns will be required to go forth and beg alms through lap and pole dancing , most probably in lesbian bars and on cable tv. remember: go go dancing for Da P-Mo is like doing it for jesus....get busy , girl, shake that money maker.

once st.peters is wrestled from the hands of the psuedopope benedict, reconstruction will begin to add a dj booth, expanded dance floor and attractive disco lighting. generic house music, chanting by white people and glo-sticks will no longer be tolerated- not even on feast days.

those twisted poles might have to be thinned down-if the dome cant take it perhaps a moonroof would be the titty bomb...
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