May 16th, 2005

" hardcore rulz, don't be stupid. hardcore rulz, don't be an asshole"

so i went to a hardcore show at a high school to see the band of friend's sons. the most frightening thing about that statement is actually twofold-i'm describing an 'real' thing i did, which i hardly ever do, and it was THE SONS of a friend rather than a friend's band. is going to see someone's grandchildren's band far behind? will there be a senior citizen's discount and wheelchair access for my walker? oy.

so hardcore sounds and looks exactly how it did when i was in high school- save they've mingled a few new wave/ nu wave accrouterments into the mix. sadly, the late, lamented plaid butt flap is gone.of course, one pta mother feaked out about the really tame moshing that was going on and tried to stop the show several times before finally succeeding and calling in police re-enforcements. it was completely ridiculous, the police thought it was ridiculous and i was trying to get my friend to waylay the bitch in the women's room and to pull a 'dawn davenport' on her ass. we were the only ' adults' screaming 'fuck you' at the principle, who seemed like a BIG CLOSET CASE to me. he was probably jealous no underage boys were bear hugging him and grabbing his ass in the pit.

the boys' band, the strip, got through their set , stopped once by bitchface. so they whipped out a cover of ' i touch myself', jerking off the necks of their guitars while she stood horror struck at the front of the stage. as my friend, the mom, said later-' guys that ' i touch myself was fucking great!'.i'm so glad in our dottage we havent passed over into the dark side.

nothing changes.more real violence has happened around discos than at hardcore shows. i'd say that if they did stats on violence in young males, guys in hardcore bands would be way behind football players in terms of gang rape, fag bashing and beating people up.

i was reminded of a recent news story about a girl who was sexually assaulted in a school by a bunch of guys who video tapped the incident. the school didnt call the police and when the father showed to pick up his traumatized, violated daughter, they told him he shouldn't call the police either.that's beyond fucking outrageous. yeah but when a guy simply pogo'd up and down next to a girl on saturday, 3 police cars were summoned.

" hanging out in kenmore square/now i can grow my hair/ no such thing as rocknroll only ssd control"

this reminds me-i need a fucking haircut.