February 16th, 2005

lounge act

kitty don't want to see no...PANTIES!

persia: look what came for you today....from japan!

mittens: i told you- no internet shopping. ashcroft already warned you about the fertilizer ' issue' and interstate commerce.

persia: put it on! put it on! see- it's a little froggy costume... precious! persia's petit frenchy frog!

mittens: get the fuck away from me! the catprin is a cat tailor- surely it won't fit.

persia: oh no, not to worry, i told them you were a fat abyssinian with a abnormally large head and a gladular problem.

mittens: really, tell me, do you actually have cloven hooves?

pesria: i'll give you a hub and say thank you.

mittens: if you were a lobster, i'd walk you through cambridge common on a blue ribbon.

perisa: come now, you do know you're the one being led?

frogs are claimed to sometimes be found underground, sometimes inbedded within solid rock- alive , unable to see set in the clay or stone as wax in a mold.

fortesian times , toads rain from the sky.

frogs are yet another symbol of goddess worship, a symbol of the fetus, a symbol of ressurection in egyptian lore. frogs are assoiciated with venus, who, besides being the goddess of love, it should also be noted at this time in particular is the goddess of the sewers .

there is much debate over why the french are referred to as frogs. their habit of eating the gross looking things- mmm warty legs!( i cant begin to go into the litany of vile things my father used to feast on with glee.) the fleur de lis , also a symbol of france,is also is an ancient goddess symbol. the fleur de lis rope closures for clothing( seen on those brittany versions of the sea going pea coat) are still called frogs. the lily maid is a celtic name for the goddess, symbolized by said fleur de lis in france and by the shamrock in irelandia.

three three three she is three.

france as we know it today was founded by a woman- joan d'arc. it's devotion to another Virgin is not so widely trumpeted in modern socialist france but it remains a stronghold of black virgins and a peculiar cult that believes mary magdalene, the most important ' apostle' of christ, landed in france after the crucifixion along with the beloved john and mary, mother of jesus. she gave birth to her child with jesus thereafter and a dynasty of french royalty was born.

persia: say it!!!!

mittens: je suis une grenouille.

persia: make the sound...


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