January 19th, 2005

"by the grave of nobody's darling"

this past week , over a half centuary ago, the body of elizabeth ann short, formerly of medford MA, was found butchered in pieces in a ' lover's lane' type location in california. her murder was never solved and in all likelihood the police never meant to solve it. unlike most victims of serial murder, she has a name , if you will, a marketable personality- something usually reserved for the murderers, although this has more to do with the twisted mythos that surrounds the gruesome particulars of her death, the lack of public identification of those responsible for her murder and the fact that the press gave her a highly suggestive, mysterious nick name.

"she is re-creation."

we all know who ted bundy is, who john wayne gacey is but can you name any of their victims? probably not. they dont really matter. their deaths created modern day superstars, supreme media manipulators. imagination stirrers. real life as Dada, surrealist mysogyny and homophobia/self hatred. hyperviolence as sexy outsider tool of aggrandizment. ubermen doing what ubermen will and what they will is the whole of the law.

the unvarnished truth of the matter is that if elizabeth short had had any value to society her murderer would have been exposed, partly stemming the lurid trail of jerk off ' investigative' books that seem more interested in fostering erections than in establishing the truth and leveling some justice, any justice at all . saying the truth would be justice, the only one ever available to beth short.

many books have been written about beth's murder- even tv shows and novels have been based on it. in reviewing all these stabs at what actually happened what sticks out most is the rather disturbing notion that any number of men were capable of doing it and what was done is so horrible that this thought is the most frightening , desolating thing about the murder.

too many have gone into near rapturous descriptions of what was done to her and her body that i see no point in doing so but have you ever noticed how many disembodied torsos of women appear in the works of man ray?- (that is the man who called himself man ray not the dog/model or nightclub.)

" she is sublimation"

man ray was a sadist who ,among other things, participated at the least in photographing nude underage girls in the california home of prime murder suspect george hodel- a wealthy, connected doctor whose own son thinks he's guilty. hodel raped his own daughter and passed her around to his artsy friends , eventually prompting her to runaway and turn evidence on him and his outre coutery of repressed, vicious closet art fags. other prominant woman hating assholes in residence include ' shoring up that lost masculinity' author henry miller. shortly after hodel's trial and just months after beth's murder, man ray fled hollywood ,going back to europe. the surrealist gang bang cocktails and pussy ring was busted up when the big house was looming large, but of course, daughters are females and all females are lying, seductive whores. hodel was found not guilty . the trial, however ,stirred up the mud of the beth short murder investigation in which insiders had named hodel as a suspect. hodel, who ran a VD clinic( this was the 1940s-those contracting a venereal disease did not have the benefit of the drugs we use now) catering to prominant people and also probably being a liason to those seeking abortions (again- it's the 40s- all abortion is illegal in the US), seemed to have protection from on high. everytime a police investigator threw up the name hodel, he found himself removed from the case . the doctor fled to asia and remained there , not returning to america until he was over 80 years old.

the pieces of elizabeth short's body were never returned home to massachusetts. she is buried in california. coupled with the outrageous brutality of her torture and death is the assassination of her character perpetrated by the cops, the press and authors of sundry 'true crime' exposes of her death. she's portrayed as, of course, a whore, a dyke , a cock tease and a ' bum'- all seeming reasons for a prominant notion that she got what she deserved. she had no vagina- she was unnatural- the list goes on, often as surreal as what was really done to her body after death, but more often than not just the predictable way we still find the gruesome murder of women BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN stated -what did she expect acting/being like a whore? what did she expect not acting / not being like a whore?

'tis to be fucked she was born , right?

people really into sade are fascists and murderers- theoretical and actual , run of the mill judeochristians acting out . women who read sade at the beach in the original french are just the sort of big time submissives who could probably really get into being the black dahlia for the second before they started sawing you in half. you could never deal with what you think you want.

" i have come to believe... that if history were recorded by the vanquished rather than the victors , it would illuminate the real , rather than the theoretical means to power; for it is the defeated who know best which of the opposing tactics were irresistable."-

maya deren.

it's time to stop looking for someone to love.