December 30th, 2004

when veronica plays her harmonica down at the pier at santa monica

say what you will, nelson eddy had a perfectly respectable baritone voice. he did one of the best versions of the major generals song from the hms pinafore.

given the hideous then available recording technology- often someone standing and shrieking down a horn with a band obviously a distance in back of them-i am surprised and a little overwelmed at the beauty of some of the voices on all these old 78s.

certainly weve all heard of enrico caruso but have you ever heard enrico caruso? recording him even now would be a challange- i cant keep the needle out of the red.he drives that voice around like a finely tuned race car.the power and control are both remarkable- qualities modern music rarely shows any consciousness of.

some ancient temples were said to be sung into creation- built by merely a word. walls thown upinto the sky with the sound of a horn.

with caruso who can deny it?