December 7th, 2004

kenneth anger ,who turned bobbie beausoleil into a toad.

will some rich fucking hollywood jew please give kenneth anger some of their ill gotten bling?

the man revolutionized film. to this day no one comes close to the dreamy, hypnotic quality of his work. he didn't need dialog. the pictures got small not kenneth anger. he's 70 years old and lives in poverty while the hollywood elite and stupid old hippies slather money over the likes of michael ' supersize me' moore. there's more truth in 2 seconds of a kenneth anger film than in the entire .. errr.. " ouvre" of the vuluptuous horror of michael moore.

hollywood sucks- it regurgitates tripe, remanufactures CARTOONS FROM THE SEVENTIES and the benumbed masses still suck it up and then buy the fucking dvd.there's no such thing as underground film anymore- independant film and its cable channel are the limp doodlings of self absorbed lazy honkies who never grew up, have never had a vision of any significance beyond imagining how many people will be interested in their insipid personal sexual fantisies and their trivial trauma and over weening anger at mommy and daddy and the world which rightly views them as annoying, whiney turds.

hollywood babylon is the only book you should ever read over and over again. it's the gothest of books- a dark baroque nightmare that catalogues what american film could have been if those who had any imagination had not been so ruthlessly silenced. the fucked up lives of the self indulgent stars proves more interesting than their lackluster screen performances in crappy big studio melodramas. anyone with a conscience- a real one not the self indulgent puffery of the recent actor acting out over the last election-like francis farmer were treated as crazy, shunned and destroyed.

if not for kenneth anger i would have never known about the von stohiems , the allah nazimovas-.

most of the silent films ever produced in america have been destroyed- a cultural loss beyond imagining. i've yet to see a preformance to match lillian gish locked in a closet , her father trying to break down the door in order to kill her('broken blossoms'). i imagine one would have to take a real taser gun or cattle prod to whatever pumped up automaton plastic whore is the latest big screen star to illicit anything as remotely convincing and moving. created with not one word uttered. matchless.

kenneth anger- pecked to death by scientology ducks? theyre just jealous because anger has a real religion....