August 26th, 2003

deadly weapons give you so much more

chesty morgan is the greatest actress- ever- in the universe.

the way her face gets all screwed up for no reason- and she winces like her false eye lashes are burning themselves through the lids and into her eyeballs.

performances by actors who appear to be looking for cue cards on the upper right ceiling- made in america- with english speaking actors who are entirely dubbed- in english. doris wishman is a genius, i tell you. i kiss her reels.

chesty oh chesty! those sly where the fuck am i qualuuded out looks off or at the camera apropo of nothing- pleading , beseeching- " uh whadda i do now?- pick up da phone- uh ok".

clunk clunk clunk across that suburban lawn in those fetching wedgies. thunk thunk thunk goes my heart.

have you ever really seen? have you ever really felt? have you ever really been touched..... by art so transendant so beyond good and evil and with such a nice soundtrack?

all films should be made in 1970s motel rooms because that is realness....this is TRUTH.
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