July 31st, 2003

lounge act

"all about dick"

i think i saw an ex tonight but i just don't know. perhaps she's changed a'lot or i need a new pair of glasses.

i just couldn't tell. it hasn't even been that long since we last saw each other- since she tossed all us old past life hos and freaks out so she could get someone to buy her a house and have children with- it just makes me shudder to think- children- aren't those the things witches boil in pots and eat? can you sell them on ebay legally?

i can't stand staring at people like some goon because you're so old and feeble you can't recognize someone you lived with and knew for years. i just can't get beyond some weird formal training that forbids me to go up and even inquire- like it's rude. or perhaps it's just that i can't believe i can't recognize someone i had sex with more than once... just once and oblivion may be forgiveable and necessary . more than once and furniture moving being involved seems an unforgiveable breech.

or is it really the Stepford Wives- does ' normalcy' render one unrecognizable to those of us still lost in the twilight zone of perversity and ambiguity?

this is someone who was and still is incredibly important to me and my life- who's influence on me and what happened to me since we were together has been immense.

who is lost in the past and who hasn't moved on? is it as easy as that?
this is one of the few people i have ever felt deeply bounded to and now i feel wouldn't know them even if they were right in front of me.

i have officially become a bitter old whore. send donations via pay pal.
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