July 19th, 2003

sai fon

the lord gives and whitey throws away.

been hoping for those warm tube style microphone sounds- mmm rich warm tube amplification?

and there it was- a vintage tube amp right there on the curb- for recording. heavy, intact clean. christmas is here. praise analogue.

then there was the perfect classic macintosh , running the ever so stable system 6 with macbible and macpaint on it. and owned by a priest. when the lord showers gifts upon us below he can be ever so generous. sure my keyboard from mac plus wouldnt fit so i just popped out the door and there was an apple extended keyboard waiting for me- next to a large wooden gun box.

a downpouring of old skool free love. thanks whitey! it was almost like living in allston again.

then there's the struder reel to reel- sure i had to whip out my ancient hebraic bargaining charms-'"you want i should pay that much???!!!!!.... they bury prettier reel to reels...."

so now there's no excuse for not making the funky beats. machines are good they can make beautiful things and take you beautiful places. they can sample your rage, your longing. amplify your passion and give it to someone else.

the birds sing their songs, taking a stand, marking down their lines and flying through them.

going to higher ground.