June 30th, 2003


"i keep you under my skin where the rain can't get in

..but if the sweat pours out/ just shout/ i'll try to swim and pull you out"

" When Tacitus recounts the spectacle that awaited the Romans on the shore of the Menai Strait, between Wales and Anglesey, it isn't difficult to picture the fear he is trying to convey... : black swarthed women bearing torches and throwing themselves at the Roman legions like Furies while a group of white robed druids chanted spells. The Romans had never seen anything like it."- gerald messadie ," a history of the devil"

i have a poisoned tongue and i'm driving long pointed stakes into the ground. dreams flow into the day, washing over me, realer than now, truer than everything under daylight.

living in the subconcious, trying not to become insane. lifting people's unsaid thoughts, stealing them away . using them. ignoring them. playing them. sowing discord simply by existing in the light- while still dreaming in the darkness.

" a light has shined in my mind. more subtle than any graspable idea, and
i have
plunged under the waves of the sea of my reflections, gliding through it like an arrow" - el Hallaj

i'm really not here- i am always somewhere else. sometimes i think i am waiting to be pulled out.