mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

miss vicky has left the building

Ford is discontinuing the Crown Victoria. where ever are my smelling salts?

my first car was a retired newton police detective's 1988 crown was a fucking tank. a fast fucking tank. never once did i get stuck in snow- it was so heavy and had so much power you could just plow on also had the added benefit of scaring the hell out of people on the highway- they'd just instantly move out of the way.once you've learned to parallel park a crown victoria in the city you can park just about anything anywhere.

my grandmother loved that car because it was like the ones my grandfather had when he was on the force. learning to drive and buying that car - i never could afford a car before it- is one of the best decisions i ever made. it broke me away from the debilitating dysfunction of my past. it helped me claim my independence from behaviors and modes of operating that were destroying my sense of self worth. speed represents the future and you're ability to get there own your own is everything.

but like many fords of its time miss crown vicky had a lot of electrical problems, most of them minor . eventually a mountain of such malfunctions ended with the brakes going every other week. i ditched her for the bronco some who read this may have been familiar with. but i missed that crown victoria for a long time. i was able to fit an entire dj coffin- the old ones with 2 turntables and a 19 inch mixer- in the back seat and two huge speakers in the trunk. and no one ever tried to break into it in allston, car theft capital of this side of boston.

here's the only photo i could find of her. she was hit twice, hit and run, in allston while parked on the street and although i did the body work i never got around to finishing the paint job. her last long road trip was to nyc the week before 9/11 in a crazed all nighter. once my work moved to the suburbs the days of crown victorias and broncos and their gas guzzling ways were over for me. i ended up with HAL, the favorite fuel efficient economy car of the eurotrash diaspora everywhere on a budget.

goodbye to the ford crown victoria.


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