mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

our darkness

on this day in 1930 french singer songwriter barbara nee monique serf was born. at the age of 10 her family was forced into hiding in paris because they were jews. around this time her father raped her.he would abandon the family.monique ran away from the tragedy of occupied france and her childhood - becoming as we all do a down and out trendy wendy. her path to success was a long struggle.

she was fond of wearing pitch black. her songs were about love and loss in her life. by the early 60's she became a lauded and famous performer- today she is considered a legend- a french music icon. once she had money, she devoted herself to children's and AIDS charities. barbara succumbed to respiratory failure in 1997.

" they drink absinthe/ like they're drinking water/ one is verlaine and the other rimbaud"


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