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on this day in 1985 the body of a man known as wolfgang gerhard was exhumed in embu, brazil. documentary evidence had led investigators to believe it was actually the corpse of dr. joeseph mengele, auschwitz's angel of death also known among camp inmates as "der weiße Engle". he stood chillingly neat and polished on the platform at the incoming train tracks, radiating power and handing out death with a flick of his wrist- to the left, to the gas chamber, to the right, life. dna evidence would conclusively prove the body was menegele in 1992, putting an end to the search for one of germany's most vicious and notorious nazi war criminals , a man who evaded capture for 34 years by hiding in various south american countries. he was aided in escaping from germany although wanted,notorious enough to even be mentioned at nuremburg, by papers provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross. mengele who conducted monstrous medical 'experiments' on living humans, mostly roma and jewish children , especially twins, had died of natural causes in 1979.

auschwitz is of course in poland. in the 1930's it had the largest population of jews in all of europe. one of the main reasons for this is that when jews were expelled from places like spain during the inquisition the king of poland offered them refuge.3 million polish jews were murdered by the nazis and their operatives- that was 90% of her jewish population, the largest percentage lost of any single country. germany/austria eradicated around 88% of their jewish citizens, france around 30%.

ancient white house reporter and part time gargoyle helen thomas wants the pesky jews to leave israel and jerusalem, a city founded over 2000 years before the alleged birth of mohammad by king david and occupied primarily by jews since then- and go back to poland and germany where she thinks they come from . this despite the fact that everyone over the age of 4 knows that jews come from the area now called israel or there about, that jews can be genetically and historically traced to the area around jerusalem since way before the founding of germany, poland, the ottoman empire, the roman empire or the ' british mandate' ie ' palestine'. not one person, except in the white house press pool apparently, can be found who believes the egyptians went all the way to poland or germany, enslaved them some jews and dragged them back to the nile to build pyramids.

prominent and internationally famous jew jesus, whom helen may or may not have heard of, was born allegedly in the west bank city of bethlehem. king david, another jew, was also born in bethlehem and crowned king of israel there. because there was no such thing as a muslim or a palestinian back then one wonders , following miss helen's logic, where in fact do 'palestinians' come from and where should we likewise demand they shuffle off back to? italy? because that's the country (actually the roman emperor hadrian is the culprit. like lebanese empress helen he also tried to expel the jews from judea/israel.) that officially plastered on the name palestina to the kingdom of judeah and the kingdom of israel .

palestinians call themselves arabs- why doesn't miss helen tell them to go back to saudi arabia ?

"Surprisingly, the study shows a closer genetic affinity by Jews to the non-Jewish, non-Arab populations in the northern part of the Middle East than to Arabs. These findings are consistent with known cultural links that existed among populations in the Fertile Crescent in early history, and indicate that the Jews are direct descendants of the early Middle Eastern core populations, which later divided into distinct ethnic groups speaking different languages.

It is believed that the majority of today's Jews - not including converts and non-Jews with whom Jews intermarried - descended from the ancient Israelis that lived in the historic Land of Israel until the destruction of the Second Temple and their dispersal into the Diaspora.

The researchers say that a genetic analysis of the chromosomes of Jews from various countries show that there was practically no genetic intermixing between them and the host populations among which they were scattered during their dispersion - whether in Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal or North Africa. "-Genetic evidence links Jews to their ancient tribe
By Judy Siegel/ jerusalem post

"The results support the hypothesis that the paternal gene pools of Jewish communities from Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East descended from a common Middle Eastern ancestral population, and suggest that most Jewish communities have remained relatively isolated from neighboring non-Jewish communities during and after the Diaspora...

Jewish religion and culture can be traced back to Semitic tribes that lived in the Middle East approximately 4,000 years ago"

the main reason the aryan christian germans strove to drive the jews out of europe was because they had been viewed for centuries as alien interlopers, in league with satan, jesus killers closed off in their own communities , occasionally slaughtered wholesale when the crusaders blew through a village on their way to the holy land or someone had to be blamed for a plague. previously they had been the scourge, by defending their homeland, of pagan rome and pagan and christian byzantium, christian europe's predecessor that put the imperial in imperialism. by the 20th century, the likes of dr. joeseph mengele and the nazis felt no remorse whatsoever for sending millions of civilian men, women, and children to their deaths because they were jews. he injected substances into the eyes of jewish children to see if he could change their color. he opened up a pair of twin boys and sewed them together to make his own ' siamese twin'.he did not use anesthetic. he was a sadist. he thought just as helen thomas , a self identified 'arab' from the genetically non arab country of syrian occupied lebanon , does :that jews should just get the fuck off the planet earth entirely, that they should willingly submit to their own destruction at the hands of evil, envious savages.

the reason there is no peace in the middle east is because moral monsters like helen thomas see fit to encourage and provide aid and comfort to what are effectively modern day nazis while projecting all the fascist tendencies and bestial acts of jew hating imperialist islamists onto israel. effectively she said to israel and jews exactly what the cretins she was championing said to the israeli navy while trying to break the blockade: go back to auschwitz and die, jews.

there will be another holocaust if we continue to tolerate hamas and refuse to challenge its hapless ignorant racist shills in the media like helen thomas- or our jew hating president. there's a reason mein kampf by adolph hitler is one of the largest selling books in all of the 'palestinian' territories.ignoring this state of affairs or blatantly lying about it, like ignoring and passively tolerating hitler, will end the exact same way. and helen, you fucking hag, i ain't going to back to auschwitz. why don't you do us all a favor and get in a burqua and go home to lebanon?

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