mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

flippy floppy

it had to happen: sony has announced it will no longer make floppy discs. i know i know since when has anyone you know touched one of them. many computer stores have stopped selling them altogether. but if you have an older sampler they're pretty much your only media option for operating systems as well as for storage.

i guess i am more surprised they lasted this long.i recall being severely pissed when they new imacs for all their wonderfulness and hope and change left music people stranded for several builds of the machine- mostly actually while hardware and software people played catch up. with no serial ports it left one with a slew of expensive stuff you couldn't use without crazy ass and expensive workarounds.

most of the early house and techno i love was made using machines that utilized the floppy disc. it all still sounds better than the retro prefab crap made digitally today.people who used such machines to full effect knew those machines.machines have their way, they have their personalities and quirks.having an intimate relationship with a real piece of machinary as opposed to manipulating a virtual one is a very very different experience and involves a very different mind set.

RIP the blank formatted or unformatted diskette:


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