mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
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super jaded out of my mind

starting when i was around 12 i never went anywhere without a radio. this was before the widespread use of walkmen- the ubiquitous teenage attachment of the 80s ( it was first sold in japan in 1979 but did not become widely popular until the mid 80s ), our ipod. i did not have a room of my own, even though i did not have siblings, in my teen years, so i stayed up at night with huge mickey mouse ears sized 70s headphones under the covers listening to the few radio stations who played punk, always late late at night and blindly scribbling down the names of songs and the morning i would rewrite these jottings. on the weekends my best friend and i would go into boston and try to find some of this amazing music.

i recently found some of these obsessive lists- which started about 1977- and took to the interwebs to try and find some of the stuff i was never able to locate and to hear some of the songs i have completely forgot. hardly any of it was on utubes but most of it was spread among the mp3 blogs.

people now are attached to their phones the way i was permanently soldered to my radio and music. now the radio and most new music sucks to me . we are overloaded with media options to the point of being controlled by them. in tracking down my music i was forced into the world and clubs even though i have never been what could be even remotely called a people person. having never had personal space as a child i have never been one who likes crowds .i don't mingle as much as compulsively mangle. i was an antisocial freak turned in on myself of my own accord. the difference is today's media seems to force people in on themselves, detaching them from other humans save through the magic of wireless remote communication. every one always seems alone to me now, alone yet glued to their phones texting or talking to other alone people.i still find solo people endlessly chattering into their phones in the market somewhat disturbing and annoying. it still translates to me as someone wandering around , gone missing, and in a fog of illness talking only to themselves. the brief time i had a cell phone i found it unnerving. sometimes you just like not to be found instantly by others.sometimes i just have nothing much to say.people are talking all the time, but what are they saying? our lives are smothered in media and most of it says nothing, producing not much that stands out.

anyway to my lists:

mekons/ teeth 1979

the pop group/ amnesty report of british army torture( the pop group were amazing. get their album "y"- before the re-release cd is disappeared):

this still amazes me:

crash course in science/ flying turns 1981

sort sol (previously sod): ice age for awhile 1980. they're danish which probably explains me never finding them.

i remember very much wanting 'silent command' by caberet voltaire probably because of the french. never could find it.

the girls ( from boston) jeffery i hear you:


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