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the full (tortie) monty
someone did ask for it however miss nixie wasn't entirely obliging with the secret, private cat parts- her black knee and tail are obscuring her pole dancing thong:


but not to fret, miss tallulah-belle was more than willing to let her freaky tortie belly flag fly:


and here's the other end of the cat striking a more refined lady-like pose, using miss lucie's ass as a pillow. the set of black points in the background belong to lady rimbaud, an ebony oriental who was rescued in the aftermath of katrina.


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This full of fluff post has made my day :)

Miss Tallulah-Belle is gorgeous!

And Nixie belly! yay!

damn it chica we miss you.

i think you'll really like miss tallulah and miep- miep is an odd but engaging creature. recently they've really opened up- like my last cat gang they've all found their place to be their own freaky selves.

djinn and prissy like to be alone together in the himalayan room. who knows what they get up to in there...

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