mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

free bird must die

it appears that someone has released the ' southern rock' version of guitar zero or rock band or whatever the fuck.

fuck you! ok. just fuck you! you need to be driven into the sea with sticks or angry, hissing asps- something biblical and dramatic and completely crazy because it was bad enough hearing bearded tots half my age screech along to journey, it's bad enough hearing fucking journey alone, and now this.

contrary to popular opinion the punk rock was not popular in the us with the doltish masses of all american surly youth until well into the 80s- after i was in college.the few of who were into it in high school were laughed at and called fags. the delicate flowers i went to school with liked journey and reo speedwagon ( jocks). southern rock and led fucking zeppelin and aerosmith( burnouts) and a handful of mostly boys who liked ozzy and other candy ass pseudo-heavy metal.

those who liked punk rock and the then more obscure non-charting new wave were a distinct minority and called the worst thing you could be called in 1980's america- fag!

besides what was coming out at the time i recall we were very into bands like the kinks and early more obscure british invasion stuff.and bowie. when we brought in pinups to art class- where the teacher let us play music- it was fag fag fag all day long. i recall our peers used to play the insipid (from the once great neil young) rust never sleeps everyday for about the whole year. they like neil had no idea who johnny rotten was. when we brought in the 'never mind the bollocks'- you guessed it- fag!

the bass player in this band, the vipers , is the brother of one of my close high school friends. he made me understand how great the kinks were and how they were really punks- that the early garage bands were all punks.

this guitar is absolutely filthy awesome. dig the chef doing the swim crossed with the monkey.

for whatever weird case of happenstance another friend had a sister who worked at or was somehow involved with ralph records- and the residents were a personal favorite i latched on to in the late 70s. he had no idea who the residents were so gave me all sorts of promo stuff his sister sent him. damn i thought i was cool and all avant garde but it just meant- fag!

and yes i brought duck stab into that art class. a day that will live in infamy.

see: somehow when i just write about how loud and how much their video game sucks they stop playing it.

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