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"... i wake up crying..."

two of my most abiding areas of study for nearly 20 years have been nazi germany and serial murder. one of the most important books i read early on that has had a great influence on me was wilhelm reich's "mass psychology of fascism". today is wilheilm reich's birthday.

"This is a painful bit of truth: Fascism, in the form of irresponsibility, is present in the masses of all countries, nations and races. Fascism is the result of thousands of years of warping of the human structure."(mass psychology of fascism)

you do know barack obama is a fascist, don't you? all socialists ,who concentrate legislative power in the executive branch and seek to dissolve the actual legislative body and the courts and dissolve individual liberties, are fascists.

"Power without a basis in truth, whatever kind of power it may be, is dictatorship. It may be so more or less, in this way or that, but it always is dictatorship, because it is based on the human fear of social responsibility and of the personal burden which 'freedom' imposes on one."(mpf)

reich wrote his book in 1933 on the start of europe's descent into hell. he was ethnically jewish, born in galicia in the austro-hungarian empire. when the russians invaded ,he fled to vienna and became a psychiatrist and psychologist. he worked with freud. originally he was a member of the communist party but was calling communism ' red' fascism by the time he wrote his famous book on the topic. he was thrown out of the communist party and the international psychoanalytic association for his deconstruction of the psychology behind the fascism that propels socialism and communism.

"Speeches in National Socialist meetings were indeed characterized by very clever manipulations of the emotions of the mass individuals and by strict avoidance of objective argumentation. Hitler, in MEIN KAMPF, emphasized repeatedly that the only correct mass-psychological technique was that of avoiding arguments and of keeping the 'big final goal' before the masses. The true nature of the „final goal“ after the seizure of power is demonstrated by Italian fascism. Similarly, Göring's edicts against middle-class economic organizations, the failure of the 'second revolution' to materialize, the failure to keep the promises of Socialist measures, etc., all these clearly showed the reactionary function of fascism. "(mpf)

"It is misleading to explain Hitler's success by National Socialist demagogy, the 'obfuscation of the masses' or such meaningless terms as 'Nazi psychosis'. For the question is precisely why the masses were accessible to demagogy, obfuscation and a psychotic situation. The answer to this question requires an exact knowledge of what goes on in the masses. To say that the Hitler movement had a reactionary function is insufficient. For the mass success of the NSDAP seems to be at variance with this reactionary function. Millions of people affirmed their own subjugation. This contradiction cannot be explained on a political or economic basis, but only mass-psychologically." (mpf)

"The dictators, without exception, have built their power on the social irresponsibility of the masses. They have exploited it consciously and have made no bones about it. The German masses have been told for years that the masses only give out what is put into them. They reacted to this by becoming servile followers. They themselves brought about the infamous situation. It would be nonsense to assert that the Psychopath General alone could have conquered 70 million people. "(mpf)

reich based his observations on the rise on adolph hitler. he basically concluded that because of the psychological damage of humanity through patriarchy and repression, the masses allow and yearn for being controlled by tyrants. eons of the sickness of our social structures render people incapable of true freedom which requires personal responsibility which human's avoid like the plague, feeling safer even in the midst of brutality and inhumanity with big daddy telling them what to do, telling them what they want, telling them they are free only in bondage for ' the common good'. strength through joy, baby. work will make you free, bitch.

reich ended up fleeing to oslo then to america, the man who called communism ' red fascism' and wrote one of the most important and earliest serious studies of and against hitler and national socialism was arrested and jailed for 3 weeks for basically being an immigrant who had previously been in the communist party and had a copy of 'mein kampf' in his house. oh, and because they found his theories about human sexuality was a precursor to the ultimate destruction of the man who wanted nothing more than for humans to be free through understanding the roots of their inability to exist without oppressing and destroying one another.

" what made it special/ made it dangerous"

kate bush's song 'cloudbusting' is based on a book,'a book of dreams', by reich's son peter who through his dream life recreates his experience of his father's arrest and imprisonment.

"I would like to plead for my right to investigate natural phenomena without having guns pointed at me. I also ask for the right to be wrong without being hanged for it ... I am angry because smearing can do anything and truth can do so little to prevail, as it seems at the moment."- reich

following a magazine article, the fda started investigating reich and his orgone boxes and his claims concerning them. mostly the government seemed shocked at the idea that it all somehow involved people who exhibited some degree of personal sexual freedom. using the food drug and cosmetic act a judge ordered all the orgone accumulators destroyed and all reich's writings that mentioned orgone burned. in 1954. in america. "mass psychology of fascism" was among the works ordered is one of the worst cases of censorship in the history of our country, barely recalled today.reich's associates were forced to chop up his accumulators and burn his books themselves.

reich appealed all the way to the supreme court unsuccessfully. when an assistant moved one of his cloudbusters, which was a variant on his orgone boxes, out of state they were both arrested.

wilhelm reich died in a federal penitentiary of heart failure on november 3, 1957.

if you think the government has a right to dictate what you do with your body, you don't deserve freedom. if you think the individual's freedoms needs to be taken from them so other irresponsible serfs don't have to wear 'dead people's dentures', you're a fucking fascist.

millions of people are quite happy to affirm their subjugation. i am not one of them.

and what better way to demand breaking out of bondage than on harry houdini's birthday too. dig yourself.


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