mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

a real guitar heroine

sister rosetta tharpe was johnny cash's favorite singer. the good sister plays a mean guitar too.little richard, jerry lee lewis, elvis, aretha franklin were all influenced by sister rosetta tharpe. today is her birthday. she died of a stroke in 1973. she did not get a gravestone on her unmarked grave until 2008.she is one of the founding mothers of rock n'roll,although she was shock to many in the gospel tradition from which she came.

sing it sister.

happy birthday natasha atlas. she's partly a moroccan jew ,egyptian and english, born in belgium. she is a sufi. sing it sister, my sister.

i bought that first clash album and thought it was ok but the rest was mostly crap made by insufferable hippies who glommed on to punk. there would be no clash without the upsetter, lee scratch perry also born this day. he was sampling and throwing down the dope shit before you were born.he burnt down his own damn magical ark of a studio.dub is the baddest bass in the basement.hip hop, dance music, techno, punk, drum and bass owe their existence to dub and producers like lee scratch perry.

this happens to be one of my all time favorite songs and the original version. co written by perry. the clash were little white boys playing catch up- and not all that well. one of the punk movies has smirking jamaicans trying to teach the clash how to lay down some righteous dubby guitar at which they fail miserably.

police and thieves/ junior murvin

happy birthday minerva, the most important of all, the roman goddess of wisdom and the moon, her symbol, the owl, one of which i have been hearing every early morning for rome today is the second day of the quinquartria in her honor.

welcome the vernal equinox! time to kill the king to ensure life. i'd say it was mother's day in some arab countries but everyday is mother's day.

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