mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

o, my boatman: an autopsy for erin and the return of the mother

sandy denny, the greatest celtic folk vocalist ever.

fuck saint patrick. welcome back the snakes. erin pagan forever. remember that you're free.

"you tell me things no one else hears"

st patrick is probably fictitious- made up by monks who were pissed ireland refused to be christianized. the only ' proof' he existed is an 'autobiography' appearing 500 years after he was supposedly alive. every thing about his life indicates points in pre existing pagan ideology if not outright lies and propaganda.

if he christianized ireland in the 5th century why was st. bernard still bitching in the 12th that the irish were a bunch of backward pagan barbarians still acting out their ancient rites? there are several personages real or imagined who are bound up in the one entity that is st patrick-wresting out the truth of any of it is impossible. st patrick is merely a symbol of the slow destruction of the pagan religion in the then farthest reaches of the once roman empire. let the dark ages begin.

the ides of march was the day to slay the god, gender specific- apotheosis in pagan rome. the liber pater is slain, sacrificed to the goddess and planted in the womb that is the earth to rise again. one giant rip off of another religion in the service of temporal conquest of the children of the mother.

i'm a snake. i'm a celt. i'm a pagan. we're still here and now the holy roman church after years of monopoly are losing ireland. mom is coming back again.

goooo snakes!

"big black nemesis. parthenogenesis. everybody happy as the dead come home."

if you wonder why you drink on this day it's not because the irish are drunken heathens- it's because it is the 2nd day of the bacchanalia. (and of course killing the winter king to ensure crops is also coming neigh.). the followers of bacchus were primarily females who held all the positions of great power in the cult which was filled with slaves.the were also known for the ghey both male and female. it was believed by the roman senate that they wished to overthrow the government. all around it was a giant threat to the patriarchal order even in a pagan state. the cult of bacchus was banned.

we're back!


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