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pussy clichés
say, you're an all black cat named after a powerful supernatural creature from the middle east.

once you were viewed in some places in the west as a symbol of good luck such as in this postcard from victorian england:

but mostly you're seen as representing evil and witches and satan.

so, if you're a black cat named after an arabic trickster spirit demon do not climb atop a fucking pumpkin in october and force me to take a picture of you especially in front of an entire bookcase full of titles about the occult and witchcraft. it's like a racist stereotype or something.

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:)!!!! Djinn!!!

That is like taking a picture of me with a helmet with horns and a stolen hubcap or something :)

and it doesn't help matters that djinn and the other black cat rimbaud/rambo whoop each others asses all day long.it's a big fluffy girl fight! and then i come home sometimes and find them spooning each other all cuddly-like on the bed.

and they're both fascinated with lady prissy. aren't we all?

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