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do persians dream of electric mice?
this is what we're going to do.

we are going to listen to old people.

it is my birthday. i am very very old. my cats are very very old. we are old. we are cat creatures- ill natured panthers. lazy lions. cranky cougars. jumpy jaguars( save for that hip that keeps going out). minky minxes.

do not dance the funky chicken near us or we will take you down like the lame wounded white antelope you are. listen- enough with the bob fosse via paula abdul dance routines. you just have no natural rhythm. you really have no sense of where the beat is. you look like half dead horseshoe crabs trying to mate and unable to tell which end is err ' the business end'. its ugly. the world is so very ugly. please dont contribute. take up macrame or get a cure for your ricketts. i am all for everyone having their own little groove thang going on but you are taking up too much space, ruining the few songs i want to dance to .

i paid to be able to dance not to be dodging your free ranging gracelessly flailing limbs and stomping 2 left white feet.

your spasms may further indicate a deeper problem best taken up with your personal physician rather than put on display for what i assure you is an unadoring public.

" charm's in limited supply"
yes indeed. when someone you know on a friendly level- say akmed- says hello to you unless you are persia mohammad persia and therefore God and unless ive personally 'done something' to you, you could say hello back and not growl at me.

manners are good- they are the foundation of civilized respectful society- we are adult humans not chimps- well perhaps not quite as i think i work on the planet of the apes- however KoKo the chimp is able to sign hello- can we all follow Koko's polite thoughtful respectful charming example?

remember Koko likes kitties and i am her very favorite kind- the bob tail!

we all got the raw end of some deal here on earth. lashing out at those who have nothing to do with it is karmically ill advised.

stop reading this, get off line and read a book. dont be afraid.

dance to a song you do not know. refuse to dance to one youve heard too many times.

look up look down look around.

contrary to popular opinion ,although a cat creature, i am homo sapien- and it seems good to me to know that you 're homo sapien too. now stop assuming everything else because you dont get to define other people- only yourself.

if you see my cat harriot brown- be kind and spank her ass. your reward in heaven will be a thousand fold. think of it - you could do something so simple and make a small creature so very happy.

it's easier than you think and will take you farther than you know.

persians dream of electric bitches! so feed the cats. and i am going to do just that.

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i am dancing- like a blonde ho in a warrant video- oh yes i am.
uh uh
oh oh
( thank you)

(Deleted comment)


yes but you need extensions in your hair so you can really whip it around...

With another change of year looming in the horizon for me as well..i decided to listen to old people as well...particularly that 7 year old tabby who is undoubtedly milking her vacation lodgings for all they are worth.

sorry about the flailing, my non white lack of rhythm ... I will try to flail less, but apple martinis are apparently condusive to these kinds of convulsions..

and lastly:

"She's my cherry pie
Cool drink of water
Such a sweet surprise"

" you put your left foot in/ you put your left foot out"

i am happy to report that you do not suffer from WRIS (white rhythm impairment syndrome). this devastating illness, more dangerous to the observer rather than to the actual sufferers(part of the illness is the inability to recognize that one has it), is endemic in the western european american caucasian male population. there is no cure.

you know i realize not everyone is the best dancer but what really just annoys me to no end is those who are truly awful and seem to think a night at Ceremony is their do or die audition for a role in A Chorus Line off off off off broadway.

then there's the recent plague of break dancing- a pox on us who have already suffered to much at the feet of Paula Amule and Bob Horsey.

sigh. if only theyd play warrant. instead we now ger ' ghostbusters' every night.

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