mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

do it for gerald amirault: vote scott brown

martha coakley represents the worst of politics, specifically big D Demotool politics: corruption, purse open to the large coffers of big business and the business that is unions, a form of primarily white political slavery of workers (yeah, no one ever mentions that the majority of members of unions are white males. women and minorities are vastly underrepresented in unions.), and instinctively labeling anyone who doesn't agree with you on any issue whatsoever a racist, sexist, brown-shirted gay basher. her current ad is specious, spells the state's name wrong (i'll admit it-it is a tough, unusual indian name. but, really, "hello, mr.spell-check" and it is a word that's part of her official title, Witchsniffer General of the State of Massachusetts. the word has been on her pay checks for an awfully long time.)and claims that the man who could very well beat her, scott brown, doesn't want rape victims to get "medical care".

oh, sure. the man has a wife and 2 daughters so it must be true- scott brown wants you to get raped and die. that's some savvy politicking, martha. i bet he wants to march us to the death camps too just like george w. bush and halliburton...

martha, you sound like a fucking moron when you say shit like that. people are tired of the "say anything to get elected" mantra and the blame george w. bush code pink whack job rantings. it's ok, people know now that none of it was true. in case you haven't noticed, someone else has been president for a year- someone you didn't support (hillary clinton won MA in the primary. unlike the rest of the democrat aristocracy in MA, martha in a sisterhood is powerful moment supported hillary.).

the one who really doesn't give a fuck about rape victims- particularly those who are children- is martha 'tookie did it' coakley, the current attorney general of massachusetts. martha coakley is a political hack who has allowed rapists to run free, an innocent man to rot in jail, and a priest to continue raping and assaulting children when she should have, as chief law officer of the state,followed the rule of law. there's nothing wrong with supporting laws that protect medical practitioners from being forced to perform abortions in violation of their religious beliefs. there is something wrong with letting a priest diddle children for decades and vindictively allowing the contested findings of a witch trial to destroy an entire family of innocent people.

oh, and people who rape infants with hot objects might just be dangerous even if their daddies have given you barrels of campaign money.

the 'fells acres case' in malden, mass. was one of several highly publicized often surreal criminal prosecutions involving accusations of satanic ritual child abuse in the 80s. in 1984, gerald amirault, his mother, and sister, who ran a respected day care center, were found guilty, with no physical evidence and on the clearly prompted fantastical ravings of vulnerable preschool children, of outrageous sorts of "satanic" child abuse that included rape (with robots, lobsters, long knives,and sticks), magic rooms and tunnels , forced ingestion of dead frogs, and hanging toddlers upside down naked from trees on the front lawn of the center in full view of a busy highway. there was absolutely no evidence consistent with any of the abuse claimed. no tunnels were found and no robots capable of touching any one's no- no surfaced.

the fact that the day care had substantial insurance to cover any accusations of crime is something that is very rarely noted. it paid out over 20 million dollars.

convicted, the amiraults went to jail. the women got new trials on appeal, had that overturned,then reaffirmed. the mother died before the retrials and the sister was given a grotesque deal by then DA of middlesex county, martha coakley, of time served and a lengthy parole.further, she was legally gagged from speaking about what happened. namely, she was denied the right to address how she and her family were crucified in an absurd witch trial and perversion of justice that coakley opted to drive like a half dead nag full bullwhip into the next 2 decades. gerald remained in jail until even the parole board admitted that it was clear that there was no believable evidence presented against him, that he had had his rights repeatedly violated by the courts and ultimately deserved his freedom. the parole board unanimously suggested commutation of his sentence to acting gov. jane swift. DA coakley went on an all out campaign to thwart this and succeeded. eventually, gerald was paroled but as a registered highest level sex offender courtesy of martha "just say no to raping robots" coakley.

the lengthy auto-da-fé of the amiraults makes appalling reading. coakley pursued the elderly mother into the poor woman's damn grave- a shocking reminder how even at the end of the 20th century something akin to the original salem witch hysteria could be invoked as evidence in a court of law in a state that sees itself as an icon of secular, rational liberalism over religious prejudice and superstition.

this time line is excellent:

the moral of the story is that it is coakley and everyone else who pushed this case on well after conviction who are the real child abusers, the real criminals. they deserve the opprobrium, denigration, and jail time inflicted on the amiraults. if one opts to claim the case rather shows how dedicated coakley was to protecting children and rape victims(unlike mean republicans who want you to be raped by halliburton or something)one only has to look at her role in the infamous Holy Roman Catholic Order of Child Raping Priests - decades in the making and only prosecuted when the political winds in the state and infamous boston globe exposé made it personally profitable to address.

in 1995 as head of the middlesex child abuse unit, coakley shielded infamous pedophile priest rev. john geoghan- keeping him out of jail and free from a criminal record and any publicity about the serial child rape he had been indulging in for decades. she basically abetted the church, very powerful in the state, which had been aiding and abetting largely by ignoring the rape and abuse of children by it's priests. she now claims there wasn't enough evidence that would stand up in court. this is a curious statement in light of the fact that her predecessor as DA, scott harshbarger, managed to get convictions in all the amirault trials with "evidence" that consisted lobsters and robots raping children in magical tunnels. in fact, at the time coakley made no effort to obtain information from the church as to whether they knew of any other accusations against geoghan besides the ones brought to her attention. they did.

geoghan was murdered in prison, prosecuted and convicted eventually by coakley herself in 2002 when the timing was just so for her political career and aspirations-and the press and public was finally deemed able to deal with the very idea of priests raping and otherwise sexually using children.

last count was up to 542 victims of this one rapist, protected for decades by the church and the commonwealth of MA. most of the alleged incidents occurred before 1995. there is and was in MA a statute of limitations on rape prosecutions.

but martha really cares . she so does- if and when it's politically expedient and doesn't involve a priest or a cop. personally, i feel safe from assault by lobsters with her on the job. but if my toddler was raped with a hot curling iron, maybe not so much.

"By 11 p.m., when the toddler’s mother once again changed her diaper, the redness had become alarming. 'Her genital and anal area was bleeding, and her skin was peeling off', according to prosecutors."

in 2005, somerville cop keith winfield- whose father was a union boss involved in funding for coakley's AG run- admittedly raped his 23 month old niece with a hot curling iron. outrageously, martha's grand jury saw no need to press charges against him . the baby spent a month in shriner's burn hospital. a second grand jury found otherwise- considering the fuck admitted he did it- and martha suggested out free with no bail for such an upstanding member of the community. why would someone who rapes babies with hot curling irons be considered a threat? i bet, if he used a robot instead of the curling iron and his nickname was 'tookie' martha would have suggested held with no bail until trial and then being burnt at the stake . she's a law and order sort of gal that way. maybe if the infant had been raped in a magic tunnel with a unicorn martha would have had less trouble articulating the need for charges to the first grand jury. maybe if the infant had contributed some money to martha's campaign, what happened to her would have been taken seriously as a crime by the state of massachusetts under the auspices of then DA martha coakley.

rapists and rapers of justice have no better friend than martha coakley.

so if you believe cops should be allowed to rape babies with hot curling irons- vote coakley!

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