mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

Scott Brown for U.S. Senate. Make a contribution.

scott brown has pledged to vote against the drug industry/health insurance boondoggle unconstitutional deathcare swindle/mandate if elected to the senate. martha coakley is a demotool hack who will do whatever harry reid tells her to do like a good girl. scott brown will break the demotool super majority in the senate and help stop the insanity. you do not need to be a MA state resident to give scott brown money. he needs it- coakely  has the drug companies and insurance companies- you know evil Big Business whose products you will be forced by law to purchase( or go to jail and be fined)- trying to pour money into her campaign that was suppose to be a shoo-in. scott brown has only the citizens to rely on for support. who would you trust? who do you think martha will be beholden to? it won't be the voters.

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