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"he knows right and wrong..."
and of course they'll be just as efficient and understanding when it comes to your urgent health care problems:

sal the cat denied an exemption from jury duty:


personally, i'd rather be confronted by a jury of cats as opposed to the demotool moonbat moron humans in this state who elected ted 'swimmingly' kennedy as senator for life and look to be doing the same for that ponce kerry.

fuck. let's elect sal the cat for any office local or federal- he'd do a better job doing nothing than the whole lot of politicians running around ass raping the country and the constitution.

sal the cat: he could give a fuck.if your only hope is to be let the fuck alone by government for a change sal's your boy. he doesn't care. he doesn't have to. he's a cat.

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"Oh Good Christ."
This Country is falling more to shit everyday. I sound more and more like my deceased Grandfather everyday. These elected officials are going to get us blown off the map. I am very afraid for the future of this Country, and right now, cats seem like a better option than what we already have in place.

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