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"i was only joking when i said i'd like to smash every tooth in your head"
let me tell you something.

i've 'had' more girls then you've raped because clearly that's the only way you'd get any, you fucking closet case .

and uh- they came too which is a concept i'm sure that's never crossed your pinhead brain.

on the corner, with your Bud Light thinking, ' im going the fuck with the "fags/dykes/goths"- i watch you shoving each other and gaffawing as we get out of the car.

you push between me and my friend and put your sneering mug in my face, grabbing your clearly deficient crouch, ' so are you feeling it , yet?", you ask.

' it's kind of hard to feel something one inch long."

well at least i got free drinks and a drag queen kissed me because, trust me, they've paid so dear for what they are and they are real whereas you are a living lie that's bound, for you ,to be unfullfilling and hell for any woman stupid enough to get within 5 feet of you.

you want it right up the ass- i can tell- trust me. and you're going to take out your inversion on any female deluded enough not to see your anger at 'effeminate' men and androgynous people as a reflection of your own internalized homophobia. briefly, she'll wonder about your inane desire for anal sex from someone not interested in it and your complete anger and disdain for women but a slap will cure that, right?

fuck you- lay a hand on me or my 'female' friends and you'll be prying the nearest garbage can out of your ass( which is where you secretly want it anyway). i kick like a mule, bitch , and id just as soon shive you as look at your drooling smirky face.

on a lighter but no less amusing note- i enjoy, usually the Love and the Letdown but straight people are disturbing. they just arent right. emo kids look like retarded truck drivers with less rhythm then their fashion idols and they cant hold their liquor.

playing bruce springsteen is not making me think youre straight- girllll. but at least i get to hear a different smiths song besides ' how soon is now' which is a real treat which is pathetic when you really think about- maybe the goths can dance but your djs still cant mix and they still play the lamest selection of obvious hits pawned off with no enthusiasm and mashed between the same 5 lame ' new' 'industrial' hits.

girl get some new old cds.

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"emo kids look like retarded truck drivers with less rhythm then their fashion idols and they cant hold their liquor."

I think that's the funniest thing I've ever read in anyone's livejournal - ever. If you don't mind, I think I'm going to steal it from you. =D

please do and enjoy!- i think mockery is the only way anyone gets any pleasure out of emo kids...

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