mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

why d'ya do what you did?

i can't believe marianne faithfull is 63 today.she shows up as god several times on abfab. here anita pallenberg is the devil:

a great song few people seem to know "times square". known mostly for her famous relationships with stupid famous boys, over the years she continually proved herself to be a more substantial artist than the whole lot of them.:

one of the greatest songs ever recorded- a stunning performance that always stops me in my tracks every time i hear it.a track dosed with petrol and aflame from the first notes. if you've never felt this you've never really been in love. we used to play it on goth night- back when people got it instead of just being ironic mainstream automaton s/m toddlers- caricatures of the goth industrial ethos of the underground when it was real and bellow the radar. "are we out of love now/ is this just a bad patch?"" "every time i see your dick/ i see her cunt in my bed"

"why d'ya do what you did?"

we all know how i feel about girl on girl action. i want that fucking head gear.


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