mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

going where no sister had gone before:not being a maid on a tv show

it's uhura's birthday- aka nichelle nichols and we are not worthy.

i have to admit i am not much of a scifi geek and never had been one. like any other kid growing up in america in the 60s space was fascinating to me- like rockets and lasers and robots were to the culture at the time- but truth be told i watched star trek because of uhura- the most awesome and fierce of the space children. in a word legendary.

she was the first african american woman to appear on a major television show not as someone's fucking maid. early on she wanted to quit but at the encouragement of martin luther king jr. did not. she saw her role in the show as insignificant but he saw it for what it was- a foot in the door of major media- a representation of black people outside of stereotypes and thinly veiled simple- a black actress not playing a servant or ' mammy'. the impact she had was pronounced. after the show ended production she volunteered for NASA to help recruit minorities and women for the program- an effort that was highly successful.

her's and kirk's smooch was not the first interracial kiss- but it is the most widely known early one.

her brother took his own life with the rest of the heaven's gate cult of which he had been a member for 11 years.if you recall, they were awaiting the space ship supposedly following the hale-bopp comet's appearance.

do not fuck with uhura.

i know it's sexist and demeaning and whatevah but i love a big old girl fight.

you bitches better work." your ass belongs to me!" " shut up you junky whore!"( dialog is from nichelle nichols from another movie.):


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