mr. mittens (akmed) wrote,
mr. mittens

the night of the mother

i believe in a feminine god. i am a goddess worshiper. i am not a 'witch'. i am not a follower of 'wicca' or any new age reinterpreted white take on some ' native' spirituality. goddess worship IS the native religion of the celts of which i am one. goddess worship is in fact the base religion of every fucking one but no one will admit it because it would deprive males of earthly power. they think they 'look' like god therefore are gods.they think this because they have spent eons slaughtering others for not obeying them- so it must be the ' gospel' truth.

the Church took until the year 2000 to sort of half assedly ' apologize' for setting the inquisition on galileo, who proved copernicus's assertions and for his efforts was jailed, threatened with torture and denied christian burial, excoriated for centuries for nearly destroying christiandom. (the world is flat and there is no gravity and everything revolves around the pope's pee pee. it's the gospel truth.) the current infalliable man in a skirt, ex- hitler youth member ratzinger however had the audacity to quote this crap in 1990 :

"The Church at the time of Galileo kept much more closely to reason than did Galileo himself, and she took into consideration the ethical and social consequences of Galileo's teaching too. Her verdict against Galileo was rational and just, and the revision of this verdict can be justified only on the grounds of what is politically opportune."

the tool still somehow gives a thumbs up to jailing, torturing and killing people( a precursor of galileo was burnt at the stake by the church for supporting copernicus and claiming most of the women murdered as witches were innocent.) because they observe that there are more planets than in the man written bible or than st thomas aquinas says or that the earth in fact revolves around the fucking sun. at least the pole they stuffed in there admitted the church did some fucking wanky stuff. this nazi still seems to think it's ok to be down with the world view current in 1632.

goddess worship unlike god worship does not make human females into divinity, all powerful and infallible.goddess worship puts everyone in their place, beholden only to Her , wealthy beyond measure only in spirit. you do not need a book or a man in a funny hat and expensive dress with a magic fucking wand to find Her. we all technically start life as female in the womb.the divine is in and of us all. we'll be again if we refuse to acknowledge Her. it's as if we were never born at all for by melting into the grave we end up here's alright if you don't get it right- unlike the angry bitchy male god who condemns you to hell for eternity- she lets you try again.

the ancient feasts around the world centered on the winter solstice celebrated the birth of the 'divine child' of the Mother who is god long before jesus( mithra, attis, osiris,dionysis,baal).the early christians did not celebrate birthdays as it was seen as a pagan practice. unable to persuade goddess worshipers and pagans to give up female deities and human male sacrifices they co-opted december 25 and cemented mary into the place she still holds- god bearer ie goddess.

the most popular image in all of christiandom is probably mary and the child's a very ancient's isis and horus:

christmas eve was actual a more important feast than christmas day itself- harkening back to it's ancient roots and meanings. it was called mother's night.

my feeling is whatever gets you there- to be a more evolved and better soul- is all that matters.underneath the misogyny, power grabbing thirst for dominating others the core underlying base of most religions is the same- redemption and devotion to she that created all. the major problem with modernity which sees itself as so much more' evolved' and 'fair' and 'equal 'is it's inability to give up it's entirely male oriented concept of creation despite what science tells us and eons of mother worship refusing to die in the face of blood thirsty persecution. the grossest aspects of both the terror state that was the theocracy of the roman catholic church of the middle ages and modern islam are based in their drive to destroy any aspect of female self determination and female supremacy in giving birth to the world, to life itself. you can't prove a falsehood so you try over and over again refusing to learn. refusing to submit but demanding the very Creatrix of us all submit to you.taking out impotent rage of the male denied being god himself on the physical representatives, the daughters, of the goddess is the vilest of all crimes against nature, against goddess and is the base of all forms of prejudice.

we claim to be so advanced but still women and children are raped, bought and sold like hunks of meat and are still the poorest of the poor and thus the most vulnerable.homosexuals closely associated through out time with the feminine are still castigated and treated as less than the rest of the citizenry- but at least they're covered by hate crime legislation. women are not. children are not. women remain the primary targets of stranger killings including serial murder. our current federal government supports islamic states in which the most brutal crimes of repression are carried out against females- who are sometimes executed for talking to males not in their families and where homosexuals are executed by having walls of stone thrown on them.our president apologizes to these monsters for american opposition to such crimes against humanity.we let mass murderers free and support them with tax payer monies because they follow islamic teachings but seek to put citizens in jail if they don't give insurance companies money. the most powerful allegedly evolved country in the world supports islamic regimes that commit and are committing genocide right now yet portrays the only democracy in the middle east where women are not treated as slaves, israel, as nazis.

christmas eve's underlying meaning is that redemption can only come through the feminine.refusing to submit to this gets us this madness we are swamped with. technology or black men as president or ripping everyone's freedom of choice over their being will not save us- that is submitting to human males and their twisted self serving ideologies, political or religious. wake the 'witch'- it's the only way. be running up that hill. with no problem.

if only i could.

" O Thou holy and eternal Savior of the human race... Thou bestowest a mother's tender affections on the misfortunes of unhappy mortals...Thou dispellest the storms of life and stretchest forth thy right hand of salvation, by which Thou unravellest even the inextricably tangled web of Fate...thou turnest the earth in its orb; Thou givest light to the sun; Thou rulest the world; Thou treadest Death underfoot. To Thee the stars are responsive; by Thee the seasons turn and the gods rejoice and the elements are in subjugation... I am too feeble to render Thee sufficient praise... but, a pious though poor worshiper, i shall essay to do all within my power; Thy divine countenance and most holy deity i shall guard and keep forever hidden in the secret place of my heart."- lucius of patrae, prayer to Isis.

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